Life Coach Ashley Easter

Author Speaker | Television Producer | News Pundit | Ordained Reverend | Trained Abuse-Victim Advocate | Social Justice Warrior

A world changer and true thought leader in her field, Ashley a rising star in the #MeToo empowerment community.

Ashley Easter is one of the top Christian Abuse-Victim Advocates and feminists of faith under 30 who has garnered national impact.

With her unique skills and wisdom as a trained victim advocate and progressive faith leader, Ashley often called on to shares her gifts of empowerment with both religious and secular communities through life coaching, keynote talks, sermons, and media commentary.

Her passion is to empower others to live a life of freedom and purpose, to help other social justice advocates expand their influence. Ashley believes we were born to be world changers!

Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level?

In addition to offering open access online courses, Ashley takes a limited number of coaching clients through one-on-one mentorships to help them discover their inner purpose and potential.

For Survivors…

ASHLEY assists SURVIVORS OF ABUSE stuck in old patterns of low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, and unclear vision find their PATH FORWARD with EMPOWERING tools, new life PRACTICES, and life-changing INSIGHTS. Paired with traditional therapy, Ashley's EMPOWERMENT COACHING can help survivors break the chains of the past and move forward into the LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS!

For Social Justice Advocates…

With precision and passion, ASHLEY provides the RESOURCES and KNOWLEDGE to LAUNCH your SOCIAL JUSTICE ADVOCACY calling. When you TAP INTO the POWER of your DIVINE PURPOSE and CALLING, you are the most effective in your advocacy. ASHLEY helps you find your UNIQUE VOICE and limitless POTENTIAL while also helping you avoid common pitfalls so that you can RISE into your advocacy career.

Because of Ashley’s full advocacy schedule

she is only able to take on a limited number of clients…

those who are the best fit for her coaching program.

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