Live loved. Live liberated.

We have liberation from the punishment for our sins, from the weight of the old law, and from the curse that came because of sin. And we have love in the form of grace and forgiveness, a new status as heirs with Jesus and citizens of His Kingdom, Heaven.

As forgiven citizens of Heaven, we seek to bring this love and liberation — the way of the Kingdom — here on earth. Yes, the curse is still here, strong and deep. But one day it will all be swallowed up by His victory.

I'm Ashley Easter, and I speakwrite, and educate the Church on this Kingdom freedom. Freedom from legalism and abuse. Freedom from spiritual, emotional, and physical poverty. Freedom to use your gifts and be who you were meant to be.

Whether you've experienced this kind of freedom or are seeking it, I'm glad you're here. Let's learn how to live in love and liberation, together.


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