"Cults Hidden in Plain Sight" ebook (PDF)

"Cults Hidden in Plain Sight" ebook (PDF)

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This FREE mini ebook is a compilation of information and resources from my study of cults. Please ensure your email is correct at the checkout and look for your digital download in your inbox. You do not have to provide a correct billing address if you do not wish to.


When you think of the term "cult" your mind may flash to walled compounds, poisoned Kool-aid, or celebrity-studded secret societies. While these types of extreme and highly visible cults do exist, the truth is that other, less obvious high-control groups are far more common. Some may be disguised as self-improvement clubs, edgy political movements, controlling family units, or alluring religious groups.

There are an estimated 5,000 cults in the US alone (Tobias & Lalich, 1994). Many of these groups go undetected, attracting members with promises of world-changing purpose and spiritual enlightenment. 

But how do you identify dangerous cults from the outside? Who is susceptible to cult recruitment? And how do you help yourself or others break free?