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The Courage Coach:

A Practical, Friendly Guide on How to Heal from Abuse

Through her book, The Courage Coach, Ashley Easter brings her life experience and training to those who have lived with harmful relationships. As someone who has followed her North Star out of abuse and towards health and healing, Ashley invites anyone who has lived through damaging relationships into a safe space. This book is a space where victims and survivors can be heard, affirmed, and equipped. Whether you have experienced abuse yourself of whether someone you love has experienced abuse, Ashley offers a warm presence and practical advice.

This book answers the questions: Is this abuse? Why was I abused? What should I do now? What are my rights? What should I expect from others? How can I move forward towards healing?

Forward by: Boz Tchividjian

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"I could not put this book down!  e Courage Coach is a badly needed resource not only for those seeking healing from abuse, but also for pastors, seminary students and Christian organizations and denominations committed to preventing and addressing abuse. It is not only a personal story but also practical! It demonstrates wisdom on every page, and is deeply rooted in a desire to serve others. Ashley says it best: 'Not only did you fail to destroy me, but now I will rescue others from your clutches.' It should be required reading for all seminary students. "

Mimi Haddad, President Christians For Biblical Equality International

"Like any good coach, The Courage Coach not only instructs but affirms and encourages as well. The wealth of information never overwhelms and is gently expressed. I highly recommend it as an excellent resource for anyone who is struggling as a victim of abuse or for anyone who is helping a family member or friend who has experienced abuse."

Dianne Couts, President MK Safety Net (Missionary Kid Safety Net)

"The Courage Coach Book is clear, grace-embraced, and highly practical—for anyone living in the aftermath of abuse or those who want to help abuse survivors. Easter paints readers a clear picture of abuse and highlights the avenue toward genuine health."

Mary DeMuth, Author Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing a er Sexual Abuse

"Ashley does a fantastic job of taking the incredibly complex issue of sexual abuse/assault and boiling it down to what every survivor needs to know; You are not alone, We are here for you, and here are some paths to help healing begin."

David Pittman, Executive Director Together We Heal