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Hello! I'm Ashley.

I'm also an extroverted, quirky minded, Jesus enthused, budding world changer; a recovering people pleaser; and a self-proclaimed dyslexic... Stay tuned for grammatical bloopers!

I'm passionate about loving Jesus and partnering with my husband in bringing LOVE to the world.  I seek to do this through promoting truth-seeking expeditions, advocating gender equality and educating the Church and sociaty on abuse.

Quirky Connotations

Quirky Connotations

Connotations are a funny thing. Everyone acquires them but not everyone carries the same ones to a conversation or situation. Take care to identify others' perceptions along with your own.  Realize the difference between reality and interpretative view.  At that point you have the ability to better discern what words and actions are not only morally acceptable but also helpful in a given conversation or situation.

-Ashley Easter

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