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Hello! I'm Ashley.

I'm also an extroverted, quirky minded, Jesus enthused, budding world changer; a recovering people pleaser; and a self-proclaimed dyslexic... Stay tuned for grammatical bloopers!

I'm passionate about loving Jesus and partnering with my husband in bringing LOVE to the world.  I seek to do this through promoting truth-seeking expeditions, advocating gender equality and educating the Church and sociaty on abuse.

How Complementarianism Stole My Identity

I had the honor of being asked to write an article for Christians for Biblical Equality International.

Identity foreclosure is a psychological term for the phenomenon in which a person makes premature conclusions about his or her personal identity without a time of exploration and discovery.

Identity foreclosure happens when a person adopts the identity of others around them or is forced to accept the identity expectations assumed or given to them.
Identity foreclosure occurs for many reasons. But for me personally, patriarchy and complementarianism drove me to prematurely define myself.

You can find the rest of my story here. CBEInternational is doing great work for Kingdom and draws from many of today's best writers and thinkers. I highly recommend the many articles on this site.

-Ashley Easter

You Were Born For This (mini sermon)

You Were Born For This (mini sermon)

The Mischaracterization of Christian Feminism

The Mischaracterization of Christian Feminism