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Hello! I'm Ashley.

I’m a Christian feminist, writer, speaker, TV producer, news pundit, ordained reverend, and abuse-victim advocate who educates churches and secular communities on abuse. I’m the founder of The Courage Conference, for survivors of abuse—and those who love them.

For the Sceptical, the Nervous, and the Practical: Why You Should Reconsider The Courage Conference

For the Sceptical, the Nervous, and the Practical: Why You Should Reconsider The Courage Conference

I’ve been getting some questions from nervous, skeptical, and practical-minded people asking if The Courage Conference is right for them. Below are some of the top questions we’ve been receiving, with some answers that may surprise you.

Why is does The Courage Conference cost $40 and what if I can’t afford It?

Putting on an event like this costs about $14,000, and most event planners charge over $100 per ticket for a similar experience. However, because we want as many people as possible to be able to experience this healing event, we set the cost at just $40 per person and are seeking help from sponsorships to cover the rest.

For $40 you are getting:

  1. 3 Quality Meals: Dinner on Friday night provided by Celeste and Co. Catering, as well as breakfast and lunch on Saturday provided by UpRooted
  2. The Courage Conference Workbook, which contains an extensive list of local and national resources
  3. 7 Inspiring and Educational Speaker talks 
  4. 2 Q&A Sessions With the Full Speaker Panel
  5. Separate Survivor and Church Leader Breakout Sessions
  6. Access to Hand-Selected Vendors and Resource Booths

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “that sounds great and I agree that the tickets are worth the price, but it’s still out of reach for me and my budget.” In that case, I would like to let you know about The Courage Conference Scholarship Program. If you are a survivor who is unable to afford the ticket pricing, you can sign up with our ticket scholarship program and get in free. Spaces are limited.

What If this is too triggering for me?

This is a valid concern. We will be talking about some challenging issues and hearing survivor stories, and sometimes this can bring back painful memories for fellow survivors. We want to create the safest environment possible, so we have put a few safety nets in place. 

If at any time you need to get up and stretch your legs, you are welcome to do so. This will not be seen as rude at all. There will be several options for walking around the city or on nearby walking trails.

Right next to our Gallery meeting room in the Riverviews Artspace is a beautiful Tea shop called, “Good Karma Tea Co.”. Feel free to drink a soothing cup of tea and relax in their welcoming shop at any point.

We will also have an Empathy Team on hand. This team will consist of victim advocates and professional counselors who are ready to speak with you or listen empathetically if any stories should bring up hurtful memories.

Additionally, if you still want to participate but you do not feel safe attending in person, we also have tickets for the LIVE video feed and video replay so you can watch from the comfort of your home and at your pace.

What can I expect from the Online Video Tickets?

  • Access to a Live Stream of the 7 Inspiring and Educational Speaker talks and Q&A
  • Access to Replay Video After The Event
  • A PDF version of The Courage Conference Workbook... with an extensive list of local and national resources
  • We will send you an email close to the event with details on how to access the live video feed and past videos.

Is this just another “pray it away” event without substantive solutions?

The short answer is, “no.” While we will lift a prayer of blessing at the beginning of the event, we believe God has provided professional resources within our city and around the nation to assist survivors in their healing. 

Not only will you hear quality information from survivors, professors, mental health professionals, law experts and victim advocates, but we will have representation and recommendations for professional services.

I can’t find a hotel room, now what?

One of the local universities has an event going on during the same weekend as The Courage Conference. This event should not conflict with our own in any way, however they have booked many of the hotel rooms. 

My suggestion would be to either search for hotel rooms just outside of Lynchburg City or try a new experience with Airbnb. My husband and I have had good success with Airbnbs. It is a unique and homey experience, and at times we prefer them to traditional hotels. Bonus: many times Airbnbs are more cost effective than chain hotels. Additionally, if you would like to split the cost of a room with someone else, you can join our private Facebook Group and ask for a roommate or arrange meetups.

Have you changed your mind and you want to attend? There is still time.

-Ashley Easter

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